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International Comparative Legal Guide to: Securitisation; published by Global Legal

2016Trinidad and Tobago has become heavily industrialised in the past 20 years through the development of industrial estates, in particular the Point Lisas Industrial Estate where a large variety of manufacturing plants have been established.

Moving to T&T Made Easy by Gabriella Garcia ( Reproduced with permission from ‘Business Trinidad and Tobago 2015-16)

2016The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) Is well-known as the business hub of the cartbbean. Coupled with beaches, wildlife, and a multicultural society of warm people, our twin-Island state offers numerous opportunities to those seeking a new life In a perpetual summer season.

Insider Trading and The Connected Person: The Implications of the Legislative Amendments – Institute of Banking & Finance

2015In keeping with our mandate to promote and advance the banking profession and provide matters of interest to bankers and individuals in other financial institutions, we continue with the second issue of frequently asked questions. We hope the feedback is beneficial.

Material Change and Disclosure Obligations-Institute of Banking & Finance of T&T Newsletter

2014Finance’s Cert. FA proramme in 2012, is an Attorney-at-Law at J.D. Sellier + Co. Barrie represents his banking and financial service clients in the areas of tax, corporate and commercial law and litigation. B

Recent Tax Cases: Implications for Tax law and Appeal Practice

2014In February 2014, in a team lead by our Barrie Attzs, J.D. Sellier + Co. successfully represented three of our clients in cases that have very significant implications for tax law and tax appeal practice, in Trinidad & Tobago (“T&T”).

The Role of Instructing Attorney-At-Law in the Trial Process

2014Traditionally in Trinidad and Tobago, lawyers practiced as either barristers or solicitors as we followed the English legal system. The strict application of this division has, for the most part, been dispensed with in our local jurisdiction since 1986.

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