Litigation + Dispute Resolution

litigation and dispute resolutionThe firm’s litigation and dispute resolution practice group manages a substantial civil litigation portfolio which includes public law, admiralty, banking, mortgagee and foreclosure actions, wrongful dismissal, workmen’s compensation and medical negligence. Its non-commercial litigation portfolio comprises contentious probate matters, personal injuries claims, defamation and a family practice that includes divorce and custody proceedings, property settlement and maintenance applications.

Our clients comprise some of the major financial institutions, companies in the energy sector, insurance companies, private institutions in the health sector, and the print and electronic media.

With the introduction of the new Civil Proceedings Rules, 1998, in September, 2005, the once highly adversarial and lawyer-driven system of litigation has been transformed into a court-driven, client-friendly system which has radically altered the practice of civil litigation in our jurisdiction.

The firm’s litigation attorneys-at-law have also undergone extensive training in arbitration and mediation to further develop their skills to enable them to resolve their clients’ differences and disputes without recourse to the Court.

In addition, over the years the firm has garnered considerable experience in admiralty and shipping, including the sale, purchase and mortgage of ships, charterparties, bills of lading and other contracts of carriage by sea; enforcement of maritime or statutory liens on ships particularly through the filing of actions in rem and in personam.

The practice group is headed by Marcelle Ferdinand, an attorney-at-law with more than 30 years experience in litigation. She is ably supported by a team of highly qualified and dedicated associates and a complement of well-trained, committed support staff who work assiduously to ensure the efficient delivery of services to the firm’s clients in a timely manner.

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